Milpera State High school has a large team of volunteer helpers whose role has always been integral in supporting the students in their learning activities and with the school’s fundraising.

The volunteers bring the benefits of individual tuition in the areas of language acquisition but they also extend the hand of friendship by being genuinely interested in helping our newest arrivals. They work with students in groups or on a one-to-one basis in classrooms providing help with writing, reading, conversation, art, music, photography and computing. They also help to facilitate the valuable satellite programs of SAR (Support-a-Reader), HOW (Help Our Writing) and the Maths Support Program.

Without these wonderful and dedicated people underpinning the school’s program it would be difficult to provide the intensive support that many of the students who have little or no formal educational background need.

Volunteer roles

As a volunteer you can choose to work in different areas, depending on your interest, skills and availability. The following areas are available:

Classroom support

Support is required across a range of classes and in a variety of ways. Within each class there are students who require additional support to complete specific tasks. Volunteers can assist by:


  • Working one to one with a student
  • Working with a small group of students to  complete a task
  • Assisting any student in the class who may have difficulty completing the activity.


This will vary according to the needs of each class.

Support a reader

Support a Reader is a program that operates every day from 9.25 until 10.45. It gives support and reading practice to individual students every day in a five-week or ten-week cycle. Volunteers receive training from the SAR coordinator who monitors the program and provides ongoing support.

H.O.W. (Help Our Writing) program

The H.O.W. program is designed to develop and consolidate the writing skills of low literacy students. Each week a student has 3 to 4 half hour sessions with a tutor following a designated program. The H.O.W. coordinator provides initial training and ongoing assistance to each tutor, as well as monitoring student progress.

Art classes

Volunteers can assist the Art teacher with Class Art lessons. Volunteers with artistic experience are particularly welcome. Due to the confidential nature of Art Therapy programs, volunteers are not able to participate in these programs.


Opportunities are also available to assist teachers with computer-generated worksheets and resources for use in the classroom. This is an activity which can also be done at home if appropriate.


Volunteers with Information Technology expertise can be of assistance in computer lessons.

Reading groups

Three to four volunteers move between selected classes at a nominated reading time for one period. Each volunteer reads with a small group.

Steps to becoming a volunteer

All volunteers at Milpera need a current blue card. The only exception to this are volunteers who are currently registered teachers. By law you cannot work in the school until your blue card is issued. The Commission for Children and Young People and Child Guardian administer the “Blue card” system.

Step 1

Contact the school to register your interest.  You can contact the volunteer coordinator directly on 3270 3231 on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday morning.

Step 2

If you require a blue card download the necessary forms from the website  or fill out one when you meet with the volunteer coordinator.

Step 3 

Participate in orientation to volunteering provided by the volunteer coordinator and discuss your areas of interest and availability.

Step 4

Upon receipt of your blue card, contact the coordinator who will confirm your starting date. If you already have a current blue card the volunteer coordinator will negotiate your allocation and an appropriate starting time.

Information for volunteers

Milpera State High School: (07) 3270 3222

Acting Principal: Julie Peel     

Deputy Principal:

Volunteer Coordinator: Margie McLoughlin – (07) 3270 3231

HOW & SAR Coord: Anna Anderson & Catherine Nash

Last reviewed 20 September 2019
Last updated 20 September 2019