Milpera State High School offers the following integrated programs to its students:

  • English/Studies of Society and the Environment
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • HPE (Health & Physical Education)
  • Information Communication Technology Skills (ICT)
  • Pastoral care
  • Art
  • Music

The programs at Milpera are directed at equipping students with the English language that they need to operate in the community and the language and concepts that they need in order to be successful in the mainstream high schools.

English is the language of instruction, but some bilingual support is available in Chinese, Vietnamese, Spanish, Arabic, Dari, Swahili, Persian and Bosnian.

Additional programs and services offered at Milpera

Art enrichment classes

A Specialist Art teacher provides a range of art experiences for students at Beginner and Post-Beginner levels.

Art therapy

A Qualified Art Therapists works with individuals and small groups to assist student to express their feelings, to heal in safety and to build resilience through a visual medium.

Bilingual support program

This program is designed to assist the school with cultural information, behaviour management, interpreting, parent community contact and classroom support.

CARE Program

English and bilingual learning about topics, such as values education, that are essential for successful settlement and acculturation.

Classroom reading groups

Classroom teachers supervise and manage 3 volunteers who work with small groups to model, support and respond to reading in small groups

Foundation program

This program has been established to provide preparation for learning in a school setting. This includes pre-literacy, pre-numeracy, socialisation and some P-3 essential learnings adapted for secondary aged students.

Help Our Writing (HOW)

A structured, genre-based one-to-one tutorial support to assist students to develop their skills and confidence to approach and accomplish writing tasks. The program involves four half hour sessions per student per week for 10 to 20 weeks.

Music therapy

Qualified Music Therapists work with individuals, small groups or whole classes, to assist the students to express their feelings, to heal in safety and to build resilience through a medium that students enjoy.

Environmental education programs

The school has 2 camps per year for younger students at Numinbah Valley Environmental Education Centre and 2 camps for younger and older students at Stanley River Environmental Education Centre. English language, social skills and knowledge of the Australian environment and its plant and animals are acquired while engaging in outdoor activities such as bushwalking, canoeing and fishing. Each year the while school also visits Currumbin Beach to participate in Surf Safety Awareness Days.

School-based youth nurse

A preventative health and referral service. Liaison with QIRCH clinic and Mental health service providers.

Support a reader (SAR)

At the Post-Beginner level, this program provides one-to-one, 15 minutes of daily reading support for 5 to 10 weeks, putting in place the building blocks of reading. This program is largely serviced by our dedicated volunteers.

Volunteer program

Volunteers assist with classroom support, one-on-one and small group work, HOW, SAR, reading groups, supplementary Maths, excursions, computer support, and even serving in the tuckshop.

Last reviewed 20 May 2019
Last updated 20 May 2019