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At Milpera State High School we support healthy eating.
Our tuckshop is run by our convenors, Mavis Renton and Selma Mesalic, and staffed by Teacher Aides and volunteers.

Open throughout the year for morning tea (starting at 10.45 am) and lunch (starting at 12.50 pm).

Our tuckshop provides a variety of reasonably priced, nutritious food and drinks. The menu follows the guidelines from Smart choices - healthy food and drink strategy for Qld schools

Getting involved with tuckshop

There are two main ways that you can help with tuckshop.

Working in the tuckshop

This involves a morning session at 10.45 am and afternoon sesion 12.50 pm, serving children during First or Second Break and associated clean-up. All food preparation is under the guidance of convenors and full training is given.

Becoming a supplier

This simply entails supplying up to 2 dozen freshly-baked items that will be used for our breakfast program served at 8.30 am each morning. Recipes are available from convenors should you need some suggestions on what's popular and what complies with our healthy eating guidelines.

It is important that you check that the copy of the tuckshop menu you have at home is the most up-to-date. The school newsletter advises of changes so please ensure you peruse that section of the newsletter regularly.

Here is the latest Tuckshop Men (PDF, 529 KB.